When Last Login

[Troubleshooting] When Last Login always shows “Never”

This guide provides troubleshooting steps if When Last Login isn’t tracking in the user’s login timestamp for WordPress.

Colorful shipping containers

Import Advanced Custom Fields From CSV

In this guide you will learn how to import Advanced Custom Fields from CSV. This guide will focus on user fields in particular.

wordpress plugin for membership

The WordPress Plugin for Membership Sites That You Have to Know About!

It’s no secret. Membership websites are growing in popularity. Part of this is due to the increasing need for people to take their business online. The other part is that people are looking for ways to monetize their knowledge and bring in that sweet monthly recurring revenue (MRR). In this article, we will showcase our favorite WordPress plugin for membership websites – you will be up and running with your membership site in no time!

A free theme for WordPress

Finally, a Free Theme for WordPress That Doesn’t Suck!

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through an endless sea of free WordPress themes and hoping for that one particular thumbnail to appear so we can build our website. But, unfortunately, the deeper you search, the deeper you find yourself in the repository. It can be tough to find a suitable free theme for WordPress on the best of days. That is, until now! Then, finally, we found the unicorn of WP themes. It’s free, it’s beautiful, and it comes with a fantastic set of starter sites to help you set up your website in no time at all!

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Display username in your WordPress Menu

In this guide, we will cover how to display a user’s name in a WordPress menu. This will require a bit of knowledge with working with code snippets and general shortcodes in WordPress.

Change Shop Title For WooCommerce

This article will show you how to quickly change the “Shop” page title of your WooCommerce store via the WordPress dashboard and with a custom code snippet.

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