WP Zapier Integration now supports Outbound Events for the popular emails and newsletter plugin MailPoet! This means you may now connect MailPoet to thousands of applications and automate a crucial part of your website.

Some ideas for connecting MailPoet to Zapier

Automating your subscribers to external services are greatly beneficial to your site. This means you can:

  • Save new MailPoet subscribers to a Google Sheet.
  • Create or update Hubspot contacts from new MailPoet subscribers.
  • Invite new MailPoet subscribers to a meeting.
  • Remove a recently deleted MailPoet subscriber from your Discord server.

MailPoet triggers (Outbound Events)

  • Subscriber created – Triggers whenever a subscriber is added to MailPoet.
  • Subscriber updated – Triggers whenever a subscriber is updated in MailPoet.
  • Subscriber deleted – Triggers whenever a subscriber is permanently deleted from MailPoet.
  • Form submitted – This will trigger when a user completes the form signup on the frontend.

General subscriber information is sent for the subscriber related Outbound Events (triggers) such as the user’s email, first name, last name, subscribed list ID and more!