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How Attending A WordCamp Changed My Mindset Of WordPress

Quite a few years back. Before I was really into WordPress and feeling that it may not be a sustainable career. ( Notice the first sentence ). So what about WordCamp made me change my mind about WordPress and the future of my life? Before my first WordCamp, there was...

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Start Collecting Payments With Caldera Forms & PayFast.

Caldera Forms is one of the most popular, widely used WordPress Contact Form Plugins around, and for good reason! Having had the privilege of knowing and working closely with Josh Pollock, Christie Chirinos and the team over at Caldera Forms for quite some time. I am pleased to announce the launch of our Caldera Forms PayFast Integration!

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How To Backup WordPress

Learn how to backup WordPress and keep your WordPress site safe, secure and have additional backups on-hand if something goes wrong.

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WordPress Actions Vs Filters

Learn the difference between WordPress actions vs filters in this easy to follow article for non-developers. Improve your WordPress development knowledge.

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