WP Zapier integrates with WooCommerce, the most popular choice for selling products on your WordPress website. This means that customers using WP Zapier and WooCommerce will be able to automate their online store without needing any extra integration plugins

How Does WooCommerce & Zapier Benefit Your Company?

We’ve outlined how automation can save your business time, money and even reduce clerical errors in this article. Having these benefits for your WooCommerce store is great and opens up an array of possibilities and communication options between popular services.

This means as a store owner, you would be able to send data from WooCommerce to multiple locations such as Quickbooks, or sync your product stocks to an external inventory management system or even send automated follow-up emails after a customer has purchased a product.

Some Ideas for Using WooCommerce and Zapier

Having automation for your WooCommerce powered store grants great benefits! You can integrate over 3,800+ apps with Zapier and WP Zapier. Some popular examples may be to:

  1. Automatically email customers to leave a review or get in touch with after-sales support.
  2. Integrate your stocks with an external stock system, should you have a brick-and-mortar store.
  3. Synchronize your WooCommerce orders with your favorite accounting systems such as Xero, Freshbooks, or Quickbooks.
  4. Email customers whenever their order is updated.
  5. Send a Slack notification whenever an order is placed.

WooCommerce Triggers

WP Zapier supports sending the following data to Zapier (or these alternatives) when one of the following triggers occurs:

  • New Order: Send data out when a new order is added. Data that is sent is general order information such as the order number, amount, billing address, the tax charged, and more.
  • Order Status Changed: Send data out whenever an order status is changed (i.e. refunded, progress, etc). Data that is sent is general order information such as the order number, amount, billing address, tax charged and more.
  • New Product Published: Send data out whenever a product (post) is saved. Data that is sent is general product information such as the title, description, price, quantity, and more.


Using WP Zapier to integrate your applications automatically with WooCommerce saves your company time and money. It’s a must in the new era of technology to keep ahead of the curve. Try using WP Zapier today to push your WordPress site to the next level.