Yoohoo Plugins launched in 2017, with the idea of building small niche plugins for a profit and use it as a tool to learn product development, marketing, upkeep and customer satisfaction.

Forward to today and Yoohoo Plugins products run on thousands of WordPress websites between free and paid products and is a stable business within the WordPress space. We’ve been growing steadily year over year and plan to continue this momentum to grow.

Yoohoo Plugins started in 2017 to create small, specialized plugins as a means of learning about product development, marketing, and maintenance while making a modest profit. Today, their products, both free and paid, run on thousands of WordPress websites, making them a successful and stable business in the WordPress industry. Yoohoo Plugins has experienced steady growth year after year and aims to maintain that momentum in the future.

Yoohoo Plugins will focus on doing the right thing over chasing profit, do things the WordPress way and honor our word.

Andrew Lima, Founder.

About the founder

Andrew Lima is a developer and tech enthusiast from Johannesburg, South Africa. With over a decade of experience in building websites, Andrew has honed his skills in various technologies and coding languages, but found his passion when he discovered WordPress and it’s community.

Andrew’s passion for creating “things” online led him to start his own business, named Arctek Technologies (PTY) LTD (the parent company of Yoohoo Plugins) and building digital products for consumers and businesses to help improve their day-to-day tasks and help increase their revenue.

In the early days of Andrew’s journey (around 2014), him and his brother Travis, started an agency that focused on WordPress websites for small to medium enterprises that needed a web presence.

That passion then turned towards WordPress plugins where Andrew had the opportunity to work with plugin teams such as: WP Google Maps, WP Live Chat, Caldera Forms, Seriously Simple Podcasting and Paid Memberships Pro (current).