In this guide you will learn how to implement cart recovery for WooCommerce and increase your revenue.

What is Abandoned Cart Recovery

How often do you visit an online store, add items to your cart but don’t checkout? I’ve done this a few times for many reasons; sometimes I’m just on the fence about the purchase I wanted to make. As a store owner, you want to recover those abandoned carts for users that are ‘on the fence’ about their purchase.

This is known as cart recovery or abandoned cart recovery.

Setting Up Jilt With WooCommerce

Thanks to the nifty service called Jilt. Cart recovery for WooCommerce can be quick to setup and the great part about it – it’s all automated!

1. Setup an account on, there is a free plan for low traffic sites.

2. Navigate to your WooCommerce store and install the Jilt for WooCommerce plugin.

3. Once installed, navigate to the Jilt option inside your WordPress dashboard and select Connect to Jilt.

4. This will require you to authenticate and complete your setup/link to WooCommerce.


That’s it! You can start automatically sending abandon cart recovery emails if a potential customer adds items to their cart and does not complete the checkout. You are able to follow the documentation on Jilt for further information –

Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash