Paid Memberships Pro – PDF Invoices V1.9 Changelog

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Paid Memberships Pro – PDF Invoices version 1.9 has just been released. We’re pleased to announce some great changes that were made to queue-up future updates. More features will be coming soon in the near future.

Noteworthy Changes

Automatically Update PDF Content when an order changes.
This has been a common request amongst our customers and it make sense. If you update or edit an order from the WordPress dashboard area, this will update the PDF invoice for this order. This means that you can adjust the amounts, order status or any other information on the order and it will be updated.

Admins can bulk download all invoices.
There is now an option inside the PMPro PDF Invoices dashboard settings page to download all generated invoices as a .zip and automatically remove the .zip file when it’s been downloaded by the admin.

Add Invoices to admin confirmation emails.
Another popular feature request to attach the PDF invoice to admin checkout confirmation emails is now here! You may enable this by selecting the checkbox under “Settings”.

Example of attaching PDF invoices to admin confirmation emails.

Changelog – V1.9

  • Enhancement: Changed custom template storage path to make use of the uploads directory instead (Directory: pmpro-invoice-templates/order.html)
  • Enhancement: Added automated migration for custom templates from child theme directory to the uploads directory, automatically deletes original
  • Enhancement: Improved template content retrieval functionality and path generation
  • Enhancement: Added auto-regeneration when order is updated. Can be controlled by filter
  • Enhancement: Added option to enabled admin checkout email attachments
  • Enhancement: Added tool to allow administrators to download a ZIP file of all stored invoices
  • Enhancement: Detect NGINX systems and provide NGINX write rules to disable direct access. (Still automatically works with APACHE servers).
  • Bug Fix/Enhancement: Auto delete ZIP files once downloaded by end user
  • Bug Fix: Improved date processing for order data, is some cases DateTime constructor would fail, causing invoice generation to fail. Fallbacks in place for this now
  • Bug Fix: Improved error handling in general to improve how gracefully errors are handled during creation of PDF documents
  • Bug Fix: Added Exception/Error catches to the bulk regeneration AJAX loop, to be used with graceful error output

If you have any questions about Paid Memberships Pro PDF Invoices or this update, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by visiting our support page.