I recently came across a workshop type event that required user’s to fill out a contact form to reserve a space. Once the business would reply to you, you’d then have to manually make a payment to secure your spot. This seems like a few too many steps for this process. Simplify this with automation and find out why you should automate your booking system.

We love automation, so much so that we built a plugin for this. If you’re not automating some parts of your business you may be losing out or wasting your own time.

Automating a booking would decrease your workload of replying back and forth to a potential customer to get payment, maybe you need payment on the day of your event – if this is the case you won’t need to follow this guide closely but it may give you some things to think about.

Reasons To Automate Your Bookings

  • Accept payment immediately and seamlessly. Get payment upfront will help you cover your expenses of the event.
  • Higher conversion rate. I personally hate emailing back and forth so I can pay for something I’m interested in.
  • Less steps to take for the customer and your business. You may not expect hundreds of customers to email you but why not just save the time and focus on something a bit more important like marketing your event.
  • Available 24/7/365. Automating your bookings allows users to purchase a ticket to your workshop at a time that suits them. User’s may be put off for long turn-around times from your business. What if someone books on a Saturday at 7PM? They would have to wait nearly 2 days to get a response from you and then still do payment and wait for a confirmation.


This is a short post to help you see why automation may help. We live in the future where electric cars and high-speed internet are a thing. Customers want data at a snap of their finger, so why should a potential customer go through the process of sending an email and waiting for a human to answer in a timely manner. You may still capture the relevant details to be included into your marketing funnel.

This is some food for thought.

Photo by James Orr on Unsplash