For business owners selling online has a ton of advantages. In this article, you will learn how to leverage the advantages of online shopping and how easy it is to offer a Business-to-Business solution by selling wholesale on your WooCommerce store. (This guide won’t cover any other ecommerce plugins for WordPress as WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce plugin).

Recommended Plugins

All the plugins that we recommend are free to download and use and fall under the GNU General Public License.

Wholesale Customers For Woo

We’ve recently built a plugin that extends on WooCommerce to allow you to sell at wholesale prices directly from your online store without affecting any of major areas of WooCommerce. This means that you will be able to use any payment gateway, shipping method and sell existing products on your WooCommerce store and offer certain users wholesale options and pricing.

Wholesale Customers For Woo currently offers a couple of features such as a global discount, individual pricing for all products including variations and more features that are coming soon. (You may request a feature here).

Once activating Wholesale Customers you may simply edit existing users inside your WordPress dashboard and enable the checkbox under the Wholesale Customers User Settings and be sure to update the user to save your changes.

Wholesale Customer Checkbox Settings

Once this option is enabled, your customer will be illegible for receiving the benefits and discounts as a wholesale account. It’s that easy!

Improving The User’s Experience

Caldera Forms is a great addition to this topic, this will allow you to do front-end user registration and automatically assign users as a wholesale customer and charge an initial fee for the registration.

Paid Memberships Pro also offers a great expansion to the Wholesale Customers For Woo plugin as you are able to assign certain members to be a wholesale customer, restrict content for different levels of memberships and charge a monthly recurring fee for wholesale customers.

Lastly, the Custom Badges For WooCommerce will enable you to show clean individual badges for wholesale products and to easily show your customers and wholesale customers what products are trending and new.

Quick Summary

You have learnt that setting up a wholesale system for WooCommerce does not have to be a daunting task and with the available plugins it will be setup in a matter of moments. This will offer your business a great feature to existing clients, potential clients and you will be able to receive orders from your wholesale customers even when you are not available!