To get more sales for your online store is not always easy, especially for someone that is just starting out and on tight budgets. In this blog post you will learn some techniques to test and try out.

Build A Mailing List

This is something I wish I did sooner, collecting users information especially when they are already interested in your product or service is great!This allows you to target people that already have an interest and have a higher chance of purchasing another product from you.

When starting your list, offer an incentive for your users and potential users. We give user’s a 20% discount code when signing up for our mailing list as a ‘thank you’. We know that email lists are common and can cause frustration for users, so be sure not to send too many emails per month. We have found the sweet spot to be around 2 – 4 emails a month.

Thanks to MailChimp this can be setup easy on your website and you will be creating a mailing system in a jiffy.

Social Media Promotions

Social Media can really bring in the sales if done right and it’s cheaper than other Pay Per Click methods. Some social media promotions will be to create awareness, get more fans or get more sales for your online store.

When creating a campaign on your favorite social media platform, be sure to target your audience with as much detail as possible as we find that some platforms can easily get your target audience wrong.

Website Sales And Promotions

As mentioned above, we use our mailing list to reach out to our target audience and offer a 20% for everyone who signs up as a thank you. Promotions are a great way to persuade users into buying that product they have had their eye on for quite some time.

If you look at all major retailers such as Amazon, there is always a sale on and they have gone as far as offering daily deals or flash sales for a limited time period.

Even though you are earning less profit, you are seeing a spike in sales and potentially acquiring a new customer which, in the event of a stress-free purchase, will return to purchase again from you.

We have developed a plugin called Dynamic Pricing And Discounts to assist WooCommerce site owners with these type of sales and discounts which offers automatic discount codes, flash sales and user based pricing to reward returning customers.

Statistics Never Lie

These are some simple, tip of the iceberg, examples of how to get more sales for your online store and we have not gone into depth for each one as we could be here for a very long time if we did. With that being said, track every change you make and compare the cost (if a cost is involved) with the spike in sales. If your PPC advertisement is costing you $100 a month and you’re only seeing $20 in sales from that campaign, look to see how you can alter the campaign or try another method that will cost the same or less and compare the outcome.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash