Troubleshooting: User isn’t being created from WP Zapier in WordPress

WP Zapier Integration

This guide will help troubleshoot the issue when a user is not created from WP Zapier actions. These are the most common support tickets we’ve received about users not being created in WordPress from Zapier.

Locked Down Websites

The most common issue happens when a website redirects all pages to a login page. This redirects the webhook URL to be redirected to the login page losing the data passed to the webhook. The solution to this problem is to create a hidden page (that isn’t indexed by a search engine) and not easily guessed by users.

Once this secret page is created, add the two required parameters to pass the webhook authentication: wpz_webhook and api_key. These two parameters may be added to any URL that a non logged-in user can visit, you may copy the webhook URL from WP Zapier settings and change the path slightly by adding /your-page-name to the URL that receives the data.

Be sure that the secret page does not redirect to any other page that user’s should not access.

HTTPS Redirects

Some sites offer HTTP or HTTPS. Be sure that your site is served only one protocol, namely HTTPS for various reasons. Ensure the webhook URL set inside Zapier is set to use the correct protocol.

Incorrect API Key

WP Zapier creates a unique API key for authentication. Sometimes the API key may be copied incorrectly into Zapier. If it’s copied correctly, you may select the Generate New API Key button and adjust your webhook URL inside Zapier.

Hopefully these steps help resolve the issue of users not being created from Zapier. If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our support team to help resolve your issue.