Quite a few years back. Before I was really into WordPress and feeling that it may not be a sustainable career. ( Notice the first sentence ). So what about WordCamp made me change my mind about WordPress and the future of my life?

Before my first WordCamp, there was this misconception that I had that WordPress was just a ‘cheat’ way of building websites and it was a lot quicker to generate an income in building websites (Thank you WordPress ❤️). We felt like we were in our ‘own world’ and just knew about other businesses using the same tools to generate an income.

Attending WordCamp changed my mindset of WordPress as a whole for the following reasons:

  1. It was okay to use WordPress on commercial projects.
  2. WordPress was sustainable.
  3. WordPress Community was friendly and welcoming.
  4. There was a lot of people making a living off of WordPress.

Enough reading, here our podcast interview with Jonathan Bossenger (Lead Organizer of WordCamp Cape Town) of how attending a WordCamp has changed our lives:

WPHacker Cast Podcast

Interested in finding a WordCamp near you, view it here: https://central.wordcamp.org/schedule/

If you weren’t able to attend a WordCamp, you can always watch WordCamp talks for free over here: https://wordpress.tv/

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Photo by Jack B on Unsplash | This post was written from WordCamp Johannesburg 2018 #WCJHB