There are numerous ways on how to monetize your site and most guides would recommend ‘selling a product or service’ and sure this is great to generate revenue, but what if you are wanting to just monetize your blog that you’ve created and hope to make some side income while you sleep – if so, then this is the post for you!

Most of these methods will require a fair volume of traffic to your site, which when starting a blog or online business isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. If you are new to this space, be sure to read Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website.

1. Affiliate Links

An easy way to make a steady income is to become an affiliate partner with other websites/online stores. An affiliate link usually generates revenue once a user who has clicked on your link has purchased a product/service you advertised on your site. A tip on affiliate links is to keep the affiliate links relevant to your target market.

2. Sell Ad Space On Your Site

You can implement Google Adsense onto your website to automatically do a Pay Per Click (PPC) method which is more automated. However, approach your local community/clients first offering ad space on your website for a fixed price per month. This method can also work great in creating a steady income, but advertisers will need monthly reports so be sure to have setup analytics first.

3. Let Your Users Mine Cryptocurrency From Your Website

Personally, I am excited about this one. Coinhive has a Javascript library that will allow users to mine cryptocurrency, specifically Monero (XMR), on your website using their processing power. Now, there has been some ‘hoo-ha’ about this that companies embed this sneakily without users knowing that they are actually mining the currency. This is a great alternative for an ad-free experience on websites and web-based games. This does require quite a bit of traffic to become profitable, but if you can reward users for mining for a certain period of time or currency – you’re sure to be onto your way in making a great income.

Some of the methods involved are a proof of work (similar to Recaptcha), mining from within the browser, short-link URL’s that mine every-time it’s clicked and more!

4. Donations

We’ve personally tried this and it hasn’t been great at all, with over 1 000 downloads we had not received one donation through our little nudge asking for $5 on a free WordPress plugin. This option is great and ties in nicely with the Monero mining – that you should offer a reward for donating. If you donate $5, get your name added to our website or something along those lines.

5. Premium Paid Content

Offering free and premium content is great to monetize your website and I think almost any site can come up with a premium content offering regardless of the industry. This is another way of monetizing your site without actually selling a product. A great WordPress plugin to do this is Paid Memberships Pro and you get all the features you need to start restricting and charging for content with their free plugin!

Conclusion For How To Monetize Your Site

This guide was just an indication of some other methods you may use to make your side hobby profitable. These are just five simple ways on how to monetize your site without selling a product and we have not even covered the tip of the iceberg just yet. We personally do not use any of the above as we sell premium WordPress plugins.