[Troubleshooting] When Last Login always shows “Never”

When Last Login

This guide provides troubleshooting steps if When Last Login isn’t tracking in the user’s login timestamp for WordPress.

Why is this happening?

The most common case for this issue happening is that the login feature on your WordPress site is altered, such as a frontend login plugin or AJAX log in functionality that bypasses the default WordPress login functions.

When Last Login relies on the wp_login hook to capture the timestamp or user’s IP Address.

Troubleshooting login functionality

Firstly, be sure to entirely log out of your account and then login again. The When Last Login plugin only is triggered by logins and not previous sessions where user’s already be logged-in when visiting your WordPress site.

If your theme or a plugin creates a log in feature, test log-in functionality with the default /wp-admin or /wp-login.php screen to confirm this isn’t working. You may need to disable the theme or plugin temporarily to test this. Once these tests are done, you may reactivate these to revert functionality of your site.

This will help confirm if the issue is related to another WordPress plugin that handles login functionality or not. If the issue is related to a plugin, you may ask them to integrate with When Last Login or possibly consider using default WordPress functions when this plugin is logging the user in.

Solution: While this is not a great solution, you may need to adjust your login process to the default WordPress login functionality or find another plugin that will work with When Last Login.

If you have any questions, or in dire need of integrating When Last Login with a particular plugin or theme please do not hesitate to reach out to our support.