WP Zapier Integration

Adding Extra User Roles When Creating A WordPress User From WP Zapier

Adding extra user roles to a WordPress user can be useful. This code recipe will add extra user roles to the recently created user from Zapier.

WP Zapier Integration

Add User Meta Data To A WordPress User From Zapier

You will learn how to add user meta data to user’s created in WordPress from Zapier. Start automating your WordPress users today with WP Zapier.

PayFast Calder Integration

Getting Started: Caldera Forms PayFast

In this getting started guide for Caldera Forms PayFast, you will learn how easy it is to setup a payment processor inside Caldera Forms and start charging customers directly from your contact form.

WP Zapier Integration

Create A WordPress User From Zapier

In this guide, you will learn how to create a WordPress user from Zapier. You may use this to push data to your WordPress site from any Zapier application.

WP Zapier Integration

Getting Started: WP Zapier

In this getting started guide you will learn how easy it is to integrate your WordPress user base with MailChimp using the WP Zapier plugin. We will assume that a MailChimp list has been setup, a Zapier account created and have WP Zapier installed and activated.

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