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Getting Started: Name Your Price Plugin

This is the initial setup and configuration guide for the Name Your Price – WooCommerce Integration..

Paid Memberships Pro PDF Invoices

Add VAT information to Paid Memberships Pro PDF Invoices

In this guide we will show you how to add variables from the Paid Memberships Pro – VAT Add On and add this to your PDF Invoice that’s generated for customers.

Paid Memberships Pro PDF Invoices

Prevent PDF Invoices for Free Orders

As of version 1.9.1 of Paid Memberships Pro – PDF Invoices, there is a new filter added in that will allow developers to stop generating PDF invoices in certain cases.

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Paid Memberships Pro – PDF Invoices V1.9 Changelog

Paid Memberships Pro – PDF Invoices version 1.9 has just been released. We’re pleased to announce some great changes that were made to queue-up future updates. More features will be coming soon in the near future.

WP Zapier Integration

Troubleshooting: User’s Not Created From WP Zapier

In this article, we will cover a couple of steps to troubleshoot WP Zapier not creating user’s in WordPress when receiving data from Zapier.

PayFast Calder Integration

Hide Caldera Forms PayFast Processor Conditionally

You may want to disable the PayFast processor if a certain condition is not met within your Caldera Form or switch over to another processor (such as PayPal, if the user selects their currency or location). In this guide we will explain how to bypass the Caldera Forms PayFast Processor for certain cases.

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