Getting Started: Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

dynamic pricing and discounts

In this getting started guide, you will learn just how easy it is to setup dynamic prices and discounts for WooCommerce. The Dynamic Pricing and Discounts For WooCommerce is great to automate your online store’s yearly sales.

Planning Your Yearly Sales With Dynamic Pricing And Discounts

Creating automated dynamic sales for your WooCommerce store is easy using Dynamic Pricing And Discounts and this is how easy it is:

Dynamic Pricing And Discount - Sales List

Dynamic Pricing And Discounts List View

1. Inside your WordPress dashboard, navigate to WooCommerce and select Dynamic Pricing. This will bring up the settings page for Dynamic Pricing and Discounts.

2. Press Add New to create a new sale, you may create as many sales as you want and plan your yearly sales and let it automatically run throughout the year.

3. This will bring up the settings page that handles the dynamic pricing sales, below are each of the available settings:

Dynamic Pricing And Discounts - Settings Page 1

Dynamic Pricing And Discounts Settings Page 1/2

  • Status – You can easily disable an existing sale by setting this to inactive.
  • Pricing Based On – You may either choose Cart Total or Category. If category is selected, you are able to choose from a checklist which will only affect products within that particular category. If cart total is set, the discount will display on the cart page before checkout.
  • Dates – You are able to set the duration of a sale with the start date and end date.
  • Order Pricing – This will allow you to apply the discounts if the conditions are met and do not exceed these amounts. (i.e. apply a discount for orders between $100 and $1000 only.)
  • Type Of Discount – Set the discount to be percentage based or fixed amount. (i.e. 20% or $20)
  • Value – This is the actual discount amount.

4. Select Publish to save your sale.

Dynamic Pricing And Discount - Page 2

Dynamic Pricing And Discount Settings Page 2/2

Cart Total Discount Dynamic Sale For WooCommerce

Cart Total Discount Using Dynamic Pricing And Discounts

If you require any assistance or have any questions regarding Dynamic Pricing and Discounts For WooCommerce, please feel free to reach out to our support team.